Always Working

in May 13, 2022

What’s going on everybody! I hope this finds you in good health and with a clear mind. Summer is just around the corner and things are starting to heat up at the State Of Flux Shop! So far this year, we’ve been busy producing new collections, curating new items, and scheduling upcoming releases. Life has been moving fast lately, so let me re-jog your memory.

First, in February, we dropped SOF Leisure Club. This capsule collection consisted of bright dyes, one of one bucket hats and over-sized tote bags.


Then, we followed up with A New Bloom. This collection was meant to encapsulate Spring time - and I think we hit the nail on the head!

And most recently, we presented SOF University: Orientation. For this drop, we took an academic spin and reimagined some of our signature designs in a fresh new way.


Aside from all this, we’ve hosted tours of our store front for students, participated in panels, executed photo shoots, sent countless emails, had countless meetings, revamped our website, reviewed samples, and frankly too much more to list. But we aren’t done! Be on the look out for a few more collections to come from us this Summer… we are really excited about these ones! As always, the support is much appreciated.


Much Love,