Retro Runners Meet Modern Pants Styles

in Sep 7, 2023

What's good folks! It's time to fasten your seatbelts for a thrilling ride through the ever-evolving world of retro sneakers and contemporary pants trends. Today, we're shining the spotlight on the iconic Saucony Shadow 5000s and 6000s, exclusively available at State Of Flux. So, brace yourselves for a fusion of timeless style and modern flair!

But first, let's set the stage with some inspiration from these two articles:

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Saucony Shadow 5000s and 6000s: A Blast from the Past, Reimagined

As we delve into the retro revival, let's pay homage to the Saucony Shadow 5000s and 6000s. These vintage-inspired classics have made an indelible mark on the world of sneakers, and they're here to stay. If you haven't already, it's time to acquaint yourself with these time-honored kicks, available exclusively at State Of Flux.

Now, the million-dollar question: How do you seamlessly marry the allure of retro runners with today's cutting-edge pants trends? Well, grab your style passports because we're embarking on a fashion journey like no other:

Utility Meets Style: Dickies Ripstop Cargo Pants

  1. Streamlined Utility: Elevate your style game by pairing your Saucony Shadow 5000s or 6000s with Dickies Ripstop Cargo Pants. These pants are the epitome of functional fashion with their exaggerated pockets and sturdy fabric. Together with your retro runners, it's a match made in utilitarian style heaven.

  2. Cargo Chic: Opt for the cargo pants in a versatile color to make your sneakers pop. The Saucony Shadows will take center stage while you enjoy the practicality of your cargo pants. It's a win-win situation!

State Of Flux - Shop - Retro Runners Meet Modern Pants Styles - Streetwear - Style - Guide - Dickies - Saucony - 1

Skater Vibes: Dickies Loose Fit Double Knee Jeans

  1. Loose and Laid-back: For those days when you want to channel your inner skater, look no further than Dickies Loose Fit Double Knee Jeans. These jeans are all about comfort and style, providing the perfect canvas for your retro sneakers. Let your Saucony Shadows shine as you embrace that carefree skater aesthetic.

  2. Stack 'Em Up: Don't forget to let those jeans stack at the ankle, giving a nod to the authenticity of skater culture. The loose fit ensures you're both comfortable and effortlessly cool.

State Of Flux - Shop - Retro Runners Meet Modern Pants Styles - Streetwear - Style - Guide - Dickies - Saucony - 2

State Of Flux - Shop - Retro Runners Meet Modern Pants Styles - Streetwear - Style - Guide - Dickies - Saucony - 3

There you have it – a fashion-forward exploration of how to harmoniously blend retro runners like the Saucony Shadow 5000s and 6000s with contemporary pants styles. At State Of Flux, we believe in offering you not just sneakers and pants but a gateway to creating your own unique style narrative.

Now, we're eager to hear from you! What are your favorite ways to rock those timeless retro runners? Share your go-to styles and ideas with us, because in the realm of fashion, inspiration knows no bounds. Let's keep the style conversation alive and thriving!


Johnny T.