Spring/Summer Styles

in Jun 5, 2023

The brightest time of year is finally here and we intend to take advantage of the sunshine. The late spring/early summer is my favorite time of the year. The days get longer and longer as the sun sets later and later. *Queue "Summer Nights" by Lil Rob.*

We warmed up to the sunshine with our latest release: Embrace Change Collection. Featuring eye-catching patterns and colors, our button-up and shorts sets are a staple for the warm weather. With 4 different styles to choose from, the options are extensive. Pair the shorts with the button-up to get a complete look, or mix and match patterns to really stand out. 

The Let's Ride Short-sleeve Button-up & Shorts in kobicha

The Matriarch Short-sleeve Button-up & Shorts in vintage black

With Summer being right around the corner, we've been at work with designing and producing more product for the season. We are planning on 2 releases this Summer, with the first collection represented by printed and embroidered tees, hoodies, and hats. The second collection will feature some all new cut and sew State Of Flux product that we are extremely excited to share with you guys. Check out a little sneak peek below!


In addition, check out these one of a kind bucket hats we produced out of State Of Flux button-up shirts samples! Available now in extremely limited quantities.


The Trippy Kit Bucket Hat in dark teal

The Take A Trip Bucket Hat in light purple

As always, the support is much appreciated! If you haven't already, take a look at our Embrace Change Collection so you can dress for the season accordingly. In addition, our Summer collections will be available soon, so hold tight and stay tuned!


Much Love,