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State Of Flux is Community

State Of Flux is Community

Community is extremely important to us here at State Of Flux. Without our sense of community, State Of Flux would be another lifeless, soulless company. But that’s just not us and never will be! 

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On the pursuit of our passion, we want to leave a lasting impression. Especially, on the youth. If our story could be of inspiration or a tour of our workshop can spark the imagination, then a substantial amount of our work is done. It’s about more than just selling clothing and running a flagship store for us. In fact, one of our main goals is to leave an impact on those that we encounter!

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To be able to know one of these young boys or girls grew up to become productive members of the community, will be a dream come true. THANK YOU all for giving us your attention and this platform to share. Hopefully, we have been able to motivate and inspire as well.

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We look forward to seeing you all on the next school tour, internship or workshop. Take care of yourselves and each other. And just know...the future is bright!



Johnny T.

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