The Commuter

in Feb 21, 2020

The Commuter.

Just like many others in the bay area, I commute to work on an everyday basis.  In San Francisco both time and space is limited, so every moment counts.  Commuting is a lot like life, in the sense that it is a constant journey - an experience in every step.  In this fast-paced city, daily commute is full of distractions and excitement, but it also comes with uncertainty and risk.  Life is similar.  You may find yourself in an unfamiliar situation (or get lost) and thats part of the journey, but never break because how you respond is what defines your character and determines your legacy.  On my personal commute, I get a glimpse at almost everything this city has to offer.  From the bart stations to the historical landmarks and neighborhoods, it’s exciting.  On the other hand, I see all walks of life.  From working professionals in tech companies to those who fall into addiction and homelessness, it’s conflicting.  It serves as a reminder of how blessed I am for my well being.  But that I also must never settle and continue to progress and work through whatever comes in my way.  Everyday commuting is a constant reminder of how decisions can impact life and that life is hard, so it’s necessary to never fold when times get rough.  Here at State of Flux, we stay in the present, but continuously set up our next move  - so we apply that to our lives as well.  At the end of the day, we are constantly on the route to become who we are and end up where we are supposed to be.  With whatever you choose in life, the journey is your story, so make sure you make the right moves. 


 Commuting is a part of the bay area lifestyle so we had to pay homage in our winter release last year with “The Commuter Overshirt.”  Available in natural and black.  Most sizes left, but once they're gone, thats a wrap!  So come by the shop or order online and get yours today.