The New Face of Golf: How BIPOC and Streetwear are Changing the Game

in Feb 24, 2024

Golf has long had a reputation of being a sport for old, wealthy white men. The stuffy dress codes, exclusivity of country clubs, and lack of diversity on the pro circuit didn’t help attract younger, more diverse audiences. But over the last few years, golf has been undergoing a major makeover. Streetwear brands, influencers, and pro players from diverse backgrounds are making the sport cooler and more accessible.

Major brands like Air JordanAdidasPuma, and others are releasing gear that blends athletic performance with street style. Instead of pleated slacks, you’ll see cargos and joggers on the course. Clean white polos are being replaced with graphic tees and rugby shirts. Pros like Rickie Fowler bring some edge with vibrant colors and modern silhouettes.

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On social media, popular influencers are showing golf in a different light. Roger Steele and Tisha Alyn give followers a behind-the-scenes look at the golf lifestyle. Erick Lottary’s wild reactions to amazing shots make golf entertaining. Bradford Wilson and other BIPOC creators are welcoming new faces to the game through coaching clinics and inspirational content.

The exciting newcomers to golf offer diversity in race, gender, sexual orientation, and style that hasn’t been as visible until now. Seeing others who look like you making an impact can inspire more people to pick up a club. Brands like Eastside Golf, with its logo featuring a black golfer in street clothes, promote authentic self-expression on the course. Students Golf and Malbon Golf also celebrate individuality in their collections.

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More brands and organizations are taking steps to remove barriers that once intimidated potential golfers. Adopting more casual dress codes and promoting accessible driving ranges cater to beginners. Outreach programs provide equipment and training to youth who otherwise couldn’t afford to play.

As golf continues to shift away from its exclusive reputation, streetwear and youth culture will play a major role in growing the game. Collaborations with major sports leagues and music artists help market the sport in new ways. Bold graphics, modern fits, and nods to the latest fashion trends will keep golf style fresh and exciting.

I don't currently play golf, but it's good to see the BIPOC and streetwear influence on the sport. Are you a part of the movement on the green? If so, what do you like to rock while playing? Let us know!

- Johnny T.