Make Your Own Face Mask in 6 Easy Steps

in Mar 28, 2020

Due to the recent health pandemic (COVID-19), we have closed the doors to our brick and mortar for the time being. We are maintaining our positivity and attitude knowing that we will see the end of this health crisis together.  Our name seems to have never rung more true, as many of us are in a State Of Flux.  With each day that passes in this 'shelter in place' order, we remain uncertain of the future.  

We understand how difficult this has been, primarily on small businesses.  Businesses in almost every industry have experienced reduced sales, lay-offs, and even closures.  We have a small team here at the State Of Flux Shop and in this difficult time we wanted to keep everyone close… and working.  Although the shop doors are closed, our online store is open 24/7/365. 

Given that we have a workshop in our space, we have been able to get in there to work on new products and ideas.  These new ideas will help in subsidizing labor costs for our team as long as this health crisis lasts.  Constructing face mask to help with the shortage in supply is a perfect example of one of these new ideas/products.  We also want to do our part in helping our community during this time, so here's a tutorial on how to make your own face mask in 6 easy steps: 

face mask p1

Step 1 - Measure the pattern and cut out 4 pieces of fabric.

Step 2 - Iron each piece of fabric (4) and then pair them together (2) 

              *if using 1-sided fabric make sure when pairing the fabrics, the prints are                   facing each other.  

Step 3 - Sew each pair along the curve, end to end.

Step 4 - Sew on both elastic straps (6") to either side of one pair (from step 2)

               *open the pair up with seam facing outward

Step 5 - Open each pair up and sew them together around the edges with seams                  facing outward on both pieces.  Make sure both elastic straps are inside. 

               *leave a small hole in order to inside out the mask

Step 6 - Inside out the mask and sew once more all the way around the edge

And that's it! Check out our Instagram post about it with more images and detailed videos.  


We've also made a few masks in our workshop that we put up on the online store for purchase.  For each mask you purchase, you can choose someone you think needs one (within US), and we will send one to them for free!  Just make sure to leave their name and address with your purchase!  Hit the online store now and get you and yours a GOLIV-20 Face Mask.

Current movements such as “Stay Home” and “social distancing” have done a great job of spreading awareness of not only COVID-19 itself, but how we, as members of the community, can do our part in combating this virus and reducing its spread.  For the well being of us all, we advise all of our readers and patrons to partake.  This time that we spend at home, whether by yourself or with loved ones, make the most of it!  It is a great time to relax and enjoy extended time at home, but is also an opportunity to work on bettering yourself.  Whether it’s learning a new skill, working out, or picking up a new hobby or book, there is no time like now.  During these times we want to urge everyone to be safe, clean, and thoughtful.