State Of Flux Shop Brand Showcase: Rip N Repair

in Sep 8, 2020

What's up everybody? I hope this reaches you in good health and spirits. I just wanted to take the time to introduce one of my favorite brands that we carry here at State Of Flux - Rip N Repair. If you are already aware of the brand, please allow me to reintroduce them as well as a couple new pieces we just added to the shop. 

[photo credit: @creativexperez]

Hailing from Koreatown, Los Angeles, Rip N Repair interprets different eras and pays homage to Korean heritage as well as its subcultures with their pieces. All materials used are sourced and produced in Los Angeles, ensuring high quality for all Rip N Repair products.  

[photo credit: @markpeaced]

What I like most about the brand is that they use a high thread count for their tees which creates a heavier, thicker feel. The majority of Rip N Repair tee styles are slightly oversized, using a drop cut for an extended back.  In addition, the design elements are always super detailed as well as colorful, having a charismatic effect. 

[photo credit: @markpeaced]

We have been carrying Rip N Repair in our store for a while, but always add new pieces from the brand. For example the GoGoGo Tee which features a potassium wash, and the Escapism Tee which features three different design hits for a unique look. You can shop these items and others from Rip N Repair online or come in to the shop to check them out in person.  

As always, the ongoing support is greatly appreciated. 

Much Love,

Johnny Manning