Strange Days

in Sep 15, 2020

What a week it has been! Not only here in the San Francisco but also the bay area and all of California in general. From protesting police brutality to high rising temps and wildfires it seems as if we can't catch a break in 2020. Not only are we dealing with the pandemic but the city has been a focal point for all the wildfires' off smoke and ashes.

State Of Flux - San Francisco - Orange Sky - Strange Days - Wildfires - 1

Over Labor Day weekend, the city reached a high temperature of 102°F. I don't think anybody, as well as me, was ready or expecting those extreme temps. Shorts and tank tops were out while many fled to Ocean Beach and Baker Beach seeking a cool down. Then following the weekend, Wednesday left everybody in the city waking up to a reddish orange apocalyptic sky. And of course, everybody had to post a picture on their Instagram, which left many people across the country and world seeing how bad the sky and air quality was for us here in the city.

State Of Flux - San Francisco - Orange Sky - Strange Days - Wildfires - 2

Honestly, who knows what else may come our way in these next few months and days ahead. All I can say is make sure we all stay healthy. Whether that be eating more veggies and home cooked meals to feeding our mind and mental health properly. Also, exercising or any other physical activity is a good way to practice good habits on a day-to-day basis. Either way, I hope we all make sure to keep our friends and family extra tight during these times. We are all we got!

- Jayrawn