Creative Process: State Of Flux Reversible Bucket Hats

in Aug 15, 2020

Due to the pandemic, we unfortunately had to close our doors here at the State Of Flux Shop for the span of a few months. But that didn't stop our small team of four from creating, working and evolving within the walls of our workshop. Prior to the pandemic, we had already had the idea to construct a bucket hat and produce a small limited run for us to sell. With our retail doors closed, what better time for us to dial in and get the bucket hat down. So we hit the ground running. 

When it comes to constructing a bucket hat or any sort of product, you need to come up with a pattern. So we deconstructed three to four bucket hats that we decided looked best and also fit well. Once we narrowed it down to the final bucket hat, we decided on rolling with two sizes. We then proceeded to construct two to three samples of each size bucket hat we liked. Then last minute I thought to myself, ayyy, why not figure out a way to make our bucket hats reversible just like the face masks we’ve been making and selling throughout the whole pandemic.

I had been seeing other brands and people rocking bucket hats throughout Instagram for the past couple months and realized that nobody (or at least from what I had seen) was making a reversible bucket.

So I did some research and hit the sewing machine once again. 

State Of Flux - Shop - Boutique - Men's Clothing - Workshop - DIY - San Francisco - Mission District - Reversible Bucket Hat - 2

After two to three samples, I had finally figured out how to construct a reversible bucket hat. We then had to narrow it down to what fabrics would look good and the placement of our state of flux print on the bucket hats. Once that was decided, we then started to cut, print and construct our limited run of reversible bucket hats that are now available in store and online. Check out our Gone Fishin' Reversible Bucket Hat and True Stripes Reversible Bucket Hat now!

State Of Flux - Shop - Boutique - Men's Clothing - Workshop - DIY - San Francisco - Mission District - Reversible Bucket Hat - 1

What better example of the quote, “when one door closes, another opens.” Although we had to close our store doors for a few months, it led us to develop and construct our own first run of bucket hats. You never know what life has in store for us. All I can say is continue to push forward because there’s a bigger picture behind it all.

- Jayrawn