Keep It Moving

in Aug 7, 2020

It has been a long four months since the initial shelter in place order was announced and put into effect for the city of San Francisco. We have all been affected by COVID-19 and it has been difficult to maintain a sense of regularity throughout this pandemic. Most of us have been faced with making changes to our everyday life, one of the biggest being the amount of time we spend at home or inside.

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Being someone who is active, both socially and creatively, the time spent at home has been a little challenging. I'm sure some of our supporters can relate. There is the common thought that now is the perfect time to be productive and focus on our crafts because we're all stuck at home. However, that isn't always the case because all creatives work differently and there is always the inevitable “creative block”. I myself have experienced this over the past four months. But with the extra time at home, comes opportunity. It is up to you to act on it.

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Luckily, our shop is now open regular hours and our production studio is once again up and running. With that being said, we have been busy at the studio and shop getting back on track, creating new products, and exercising new ideas. Lately, we've been staying creative repurposing and customizing 1 of 1 vests, bags, shoes, and other items. Also, we have been working on fully constructing new products in our studio to be available for purchase in the shop. The Gone Fishin’ and True Stripes Reversible Bucket Hats are an example of such products and they have just been added to our shelves. And of course, we have our GOLIV-20 Reversible Face Masks available in original and assorted colors (some only available in store). So, if you are in need of creative inspiration, come through the shop to see what we have been up to firsthand. If you have any questions, we are always willing to break it down for our supporters. You never know where or when inspiration can strike, so be ready!

State Of Flux - Shop - Men's Clothing - Streetwear - Fashion Workshop - San Francisco - Mission District - 1

We understand that the shelter in place order is still in effect, so while at home make sure you take advantage of the never ending supply of information available online. Personally, when I feel the need for some inspiration, I like to look up DIY videos on Youtube and scroll through Etsy and Tumblr.  There is a plethora of instructional videos for creative projects, as well as videos for inspiration. Also, make sure you keep up with us on social media, where we give a behind the scenes look at our creative process. And of course, our online shop is open 24/7/365 and we ship worldwide. As well,

State Of Flux Shop - Men's Clothing - Store - Boutique - Streetwear - Fashion Workshop - San Francisco - Mission District - 1

If you have any questions, you are always welcomed to DM us on Instagram, message us on Facebook, email us at our online site, or talk to us in person at the shop. We look forward to hearing from and seeing all our supporters in the future. We want to extend our most gracious thanks for the ongoing support of our shop, brand, and philosophy. Stay safe, healthy, and respectful.


- John Manning