Everybody Eats B (IGTV)

in Dec 16, 2020

What’s up everybody! I hope y'all have been staying safe and healthy as this year 2020 comes to an end. For those of you that follow us on Instagram, you most likely know that we've started a segment on our IGTV channel called Everybody Eats B. We’ve actually been doing this series for about six weeks now and for those of you who don’t have Instagram or just may not be following us on there, I’m here to explain what the segment is all about.

So every Friday, we have a team lunch here at the shop and make it an effort to hit nearby restaurants. What better way to support the neighborhood and community than by keeping it local and supporting other small businesses during these tough times?! Like I’ve said before and will continue to say…we’re all we got!

Whenever we support one of these local food spots, we each order a different item off the menu and based on one bite (sometimes more than one) we decide if that item off the menu is approved or disapproved. We like to call this, the 1 bite challenge! And now approaching episode seven of the series, I personally haven’t disapproved any of the items or restaurants we’ve tried. I mean come on, we’re out in the mission district where there’s sooo much good food all around us.

Here’s a lineup of the food spots we’ve hit and supported on our IGTV series so far.

Week 1 - Big Mouth Burgers

Week 2 - Jump Start Deli and Grocery

Week 3 - Heung Yuen

Week 4 - Taqueria Burrito Special :

Taqueria Cancún, La Corneta, Taqueria El Buen Sabor and Papalote

Week 5 - SF Chickenbox

Week 6 - Prubechu


State Of Flux - Shop - IGTV - Everybody Eats B - Series - Big Mouth Burgers - San Francisco - Mission District - Support Local - 1

Big Mouth Burgers located at 3392 24th St, San Francisco, CA (Week 1)


State Of Flux - Shop - IGTV - Everybody Eats B - Heung Yuen - San Francisco - Mission District - 1

Heung Yuen Restaurant located at 3279 22nd St, San Francisco, CA (Week 3)


State Of Flux - Shop - IGTV - Everybody Eats B - Taqueria Cancun - San Francisco - Mission District - 1

Taqueria Cancun located at 2288 Mission St, San Francisco, CA (Week 4)


State Of Flux - Shop - IGTV - Everybody Eats B - SF Chickenbox - San Francisco - Mission District - 1

SF Chickenbox located at 819 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA (Week 5)


State Of Flux - Shop - IGTV - Everybody Eats B - Prubechu - San Francisco - Mission District - 1

Prubechu located at 224 Mission St #A, San Francisco, CA (Week 6)


For those of you that have been tuning in every Friday and watching our IGTV series, we truly appreciate it. We hope to continue this series as we’re just trying to do our part by supporting other local small businesses during these times. If you guys happen to be in the Mission District you can support these businesses by stopping by and getting them for takeout. Your order has an impact on all these small businesses during this pandemic. Also, if you have any recommendations on local spots we should try in the upcoming weeks go ahead and let us know. With that being said, check in on us this Friday on IGTV and see where we’ll be eating next. Happy Holidays y'all!

Peace and blessings,