December '20 Staff Picks by John Manning

in Dec 8, 2020

What's going on everybody! I wanted to introduce a new segment here at the shop called, Staff Picks. Most of you may know that we carry many brands from all over the world in addition to our in-house, State Of Flux brand. Between our own production and orders from other brands, we are constantly getting new products in our shop multiple times a month. Because of this, we have such an array of items so I wanted to take the time to pick some of my favorite pieces in the shop and share them in more detail with our supporters.

You may or may not have watched the IGTV video where I show and talk about my picks. If you have, I appreciate the interest and will go in to more detail about the pieces. And, if you missed it, worry not, I will let you in on the information here.  


Smile Through It All Tee in green

Hailing from one of our latest in-house lines, State Of Flux Mentality Capsule Collection, comes this charismatic t-shirt. Made of 100% cotton and printed in our State Of Flux workshop, the Smile Through It All Tee displays a 3 color screen-print design on the back with a flock design on the front neckline.

The screen-print design on the back uses both flat and puff ink, contributing to the over all texture of the design.

The flock design on the front neckline is heat applied on one of our heat pressers to further serve the textures and compliment the detailed design on the back.

Differing from our regular State Of Flux tees, the Smile Through It All Tee is a little lighter and looser, yielding a more relaxed fit perfect for single layering.


Underworld Hoodie in black [NoHours]

In my opinion, you can never have too many black hoodies, and we got just the one to add to your rotation with the Underworld Hoodie from NoHours. What makes this hoodie a must-have is the undeniable vibrancy of the 5 color design on the back that displays the true artistry of NoHours.

The back of the hoodie exhibits a beautifully done 5 color screen-print design in bright colors red, yellow, blue, and white, with a black outline to to accentuate the imagery of the design. Coupled with it is a front chest design of the same colors and wording to tie it all together and create this clean and sharp looking hoodie.

Founded in the Los Angeles area, NoHours’ owner Joe King is an artist himself, illustrating most of the designs for the brand. Because of this, the brand consistently presents originality in all of its products. Known as contemporary lifestyle brand, influenced by street and skateboarding culture, we have been carrying NoHours at State Of Flux for a while and have a plethora of their items available; everything from hoodies to accessories. But, when the Underworld Hoodie came in, I knew I had to give our supporters a closer look at it.


Wire Pants in blue denim [Pas De Mer]

This clean pair of blue denim is 100% cotton and offers a straight-leg fit with exceptional details throughout. The print of barbed-wire design graces the entire pant. The application process of this design is very different from the common process of screen-printing. It is created using a laser printer that actually burns the design on to the denim, giving a faded look to the design. So no ink or transfer paper necessary, it is all programed onto the laser printer machine and carried out by lasers on to the fabric below. This is quite a mesmerizing process.

In addition to the all-over barbed-wire print, this pair of denim offers many more details, such as the stitching of “Pas De Mer” across the back pocket, as well as accent red and white stitching on the front and back pocket. Everything down to the button is thought out and detailed, really providing a finished look.

Founded in 2011, Pas De Mer, is an independent lifestyle brand from Italy, producing all products in their homeland as well. In my opinion, they do a great job of adding a level of sophistication to men’s streetwear and offer an eclectic option of products, with everything from scarves to graphic tees.

In their own words, Pas De Mer, offers “Una visione sarcastica e non convenzionale che traduce ciò che lo stimola in illustrazioni essenziali ma dirompenti. Questo linguaggio grafico, unito al background streetwear del brand, crea una collezione disimpegnata ma sofisticata.”

Which translates to: “an unconventional sarcastic vision that translates what stimulates him into essential but disruptive illustrations. This graphic language combined with the streetwear background of the brand, creates a relaxed and sophisticated collection.”

We are super excited to offer Pas De Mer here at State Of Flux, expanding our inventory of international brands. In addition to the Wire Pants we have some other Pas De Mer products, such as their Football Knit Sweater and Museum Hoodie.

Make sure to come by the shop to see some of the items in person or add them to your wish list for the holidays! As always, your support is extremely appreciated. Happy Holidays and stay safe everyone!

Much Love,

John Manning 

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