Meet Johnny Flay

in Jul 2, 2021

Johnny Flay is an alter ego I created over a decade ago. As you may have guessed, the name is inspired by celebrity chef and restaurateur, Bobby Flay. Though the origin of the name may suggest culinary art, Johnny Flay is not your typical chef. Instead, he is fashion stylist; that serves his observers “outfit recipes” just like culinary masterpieces. In his eyes, many folks suffer from a malnourished sense of style. Therefore, he puts it upon himself to keep them well-fed and satisfied.

You may be asking yourself — how can I witness the man, the myth, legend? Well, Flay’s fashion prowess is put on full display during any given episode of Cookin’ With Johnny Flay. These episodes are synonymous with a “culinary class” in which he gives his participants the ‘ingredients’ in order to cook a ‘meal’. The meal in this sense is the desired look and the ingredients are the clothing and accessories items required to attain the desired look. Additionally, the recipe for any featured dish can be found at State Of Flux.

If you happen to be starvin’ for style or just looking for a few fashion tips, be sure to tune in regularly to Cookin’ With Johnny. You can do so by subscribing to our newsletter for a weekly dose or giving us a follow on Instagram to grub out on the occasional dish. Below is a little sampler of what to expect!


"Flay's Campfire Nachos"

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