State Of Flux Visits Mexico City

in Mar 19, 2023

State Of Flux crew recently embarked on a dope trip to Mexico City, the birthplace of our brand's co-founder and Creative Director, Herbert. The trip was not just an opportunity to connect with some of the city's most prominent brands and stores, but also to explore the rich cultural history of Mexico City and lay the groundwork for future collaborations, pop-ups, and product production.

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During our time in Mexico City, we were fortunate enough to meet with a number of incredible brands and stores, including Anuar Layon, Ppaayyss, Simple By Trista, Yurt, Hermanos Koumori, and many others. We were blown away by the hospitality that we received from our hosts, and we were delighted to see the passion that they shared for their craft. We were particularly impressed by the creativity and originality of the brands we met, and we left feeling inspired and energized.

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Of course, we also took advantage of our time in Mexico City to indulge in some of the local food, soak up the city's unique atmosphere, and learn about its fascinating history. We were fortunate enough to catch a soccer game at the iconic Estadio Azteca, which was an unforgettable experience. We also visited the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia, where we learned about the rich and complex history of Mexico City and its people.

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Overall, our trip to Mexico City was an incredible experience, and we are extremely excited to bring our vision for State Of Flux to the city. We are grateful for the connections we made and the hospitality we received, and we look forward to continuing to build on these relationships into the future. With so much potential for collaboration and growth, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for State Of Flux in Mexico City. Stay tuned for what's to come!

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